A Few Good Tools for Nonprofit Payroll 

Every organization has to deal with the payroll service whether they are big or small. Although it may be simple for the non-profit organizations to make it a lower priority to pursue their aims and motto, it may still be necessary to keep track of the cash inflow and outflow. It is hence important to give equal attention to the HR staff and their functions in order to make their employees feel good enough to manage the overall payroll functions of their company.  

Depending upon your organization’s size, the payroll functions are customized.  Depending upon the payroll services, and the expertise, the cost and training are set accordingly.  

Here are some good tools for the non-profit payroll:

  • PayChoice 

This is a low cost cloud option for medium non-profits. They have a self-service package where voluntary deductions, vacations, leaves and direct deposits, deductions to federal, state and local are easily handled. This tool can be easily integrated with the QuickBooks. On demand HR consultants can easily solve any of your technical issues. Based on your organization’s size and frequency, the full-service may vary. Some companies may even prefer payroll outsourcing.   

  •  Intuit’s payroll services 

This is a very affordable payroll and very much suitable for non-profit business which don’t have any revenue. Tools like the QuickBooks financial package, cloud based features, for backup and updates are handled by the vendors. Besides processing payroll it also tracks the demographic information, compensation details and other benefits. This could serve as a great repository for full service options.   

While these may be just a few tools for small sized organizations, mid-sized organizations also need to be handled likewise. Here are a few tools that may suit for such companies. 

  • ADP 

When it comes to employee payroll services, ADP stands first with its great features hosted on the cloud. Besides this, the HR modules also have extended capabilities of providing employee self-services, optional time and attendance trackers to calculate their productivity and make organizational suggestions for the benefit of the company. This also lets you stay compliant with the Affordable Care Act. A more sophisticated HR functionality may cost more otherwise it is very minimal.   

  • Paychex 

Some organizations may offer multiple options and payroll submissions to the management. These features include attendance, ledger, tax services, garnishing, online or paper reports, pay options like check, direct deposit, etc. These tools can be easily used on your computer or mobile phones for submitting online. Based on the combo you select you may have to pay accordingly. Rates are highly competitive though. can offer you great deals for their services.  

  • Sage 50 Payroll 

Companies can easily add the modules every month depending upon how many employees are getting paid that month. This includes features like e-filing the taxes, direct deposits, alerts, etc.   

  • WebPay 

This is again a cloud based product focusing on customized payroll and HR solutions. When it comes to ledger, or report writing, this tool is a great source. Users are allowed to create their own templates and check lists. Out of the numerous services, you can also look for support and technical assistance in case you need any. Additional fees need to be paid for other payroll services like W2 processing.